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I tried many times to contact two people that owned money for an item that they were renting from me. However, they refuse to respond or surrender the property.

What was my next step?

Well, after they would not return my phone calls, I sent them a letter with a “return receipt request” and another one by first class mail.

Well, just as I figured, they would not sign for the “return receipt request” letter. They already knew exactly what my demands were.

They knew I was serious and would move forward towards collecting the money or retrieving the property. Not long after that, they finally contacted me to set-up a plan to pay back the money.

Sometimes we have to go to great lengths to get what belongs to us!

In Genesis Chapters 38 and 39, Tamar was no different. All she wanted was a child to carry on the memory of her husband who had died.

In Biblical times, the custom or law required that if a brother died without children, his unmarried brother was to marry his widow, have children by her so he would have an heir or heirs. The child or children would belong to the brother that died.

Well, the next brother Onan, did married Tamar. After being intimate with her, he made sure not to impregnate her. He refused to give her what rightfully belonged to her first husband.

Because Onan did not honor the law, the Lord took his life.

Then Judah, her father-in-law, instructed Tamar to go home to her parents until the next son, Shelah was old enough to marry. When he became of age, Judah refused to allow him to marry her, fearing he too would die.

Tamar realized what was going on. So one day, when Judah was on his way to another town to shear his sheep, she disguised herself like a prostitute. She waited for him as he passed by. He stopped, propositioned her, and she agreed to sleep with him. She agreed that she would keep his walking stick, cord, and seal until he returned with a goat.

However, when he departed, she rushed home with his stick, cord, and seal. She changed back into her widow’s clothing.

After a few months, everyone knew she was pregnant but by who was the question.

Another custom or law was that if a person had sex outside of marriage and it was found out, both the man and woman would be stoned or burned to death.

But as they was about to kill her, she presented the items that Judah had left with her, his walking stick, cord, and his seal.

When he realized that those items belonged to him, he was shocked. He confessed to all that she had acted more righteously then him because he had withheld his younger son from her. She was allowed to live and have her child in peace. She finally got what rightfully belong to her husband, an heir.

As a child of God, our return receipt is; God will always avenge the righteous.

The Lord is a God who avenges.

O God who avenges, shine forth.

Psalm 94:1

The good news is that the two people that owned me money started paying up. Hallelujah!