Posted by Worship Tabernacle

I really had a taste for some banana nut bread all week. I decided to stop by this little coffee shop I know. They really have some great banana nut bread that tastes homemade. As I walked up to the register to place my order, an employee began mopping the floor. I hoped that I would have a chance to leave before she got to the area I was standing. She came closer and closer and closer.

As I turned my focus on paying for my order, it was too late. She had mopped me in! The entire path to the exit was wet. I knew if I was not careful I might fall on the slippery wet floor. I reached out and held on to table after table until I reached the door to exit. Apparently, the manager saw me struggling to make my way to the door. She begin to rebuke the young lady telling her to put out some safety cones, and when she should and should not mop. Luke 8:23, Jesus said to His disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” As they sailed across the water, Jesus took a nap. As he slept, a violent storm came and closed in all around them. Their patch to the other side was completed closed off as the storm had them hemmed in.

The disciples thought they were all going to drown as water filled the boat. They cried out for Jesus to help them. He did not think the violent waves were a problem at all. He simply just spoke to the storm and the storm stopped and the sea became calm again.

As the rough seas closed in all around the disciples, Jesus was still there speaking instructions to rebuke the wind and to keep them safe. That’s good news because He is still speaking to storms of doubt, lack, and sickness. As for the banana nut bread, it was good!

  • By Deborah Elum