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 Supernatural Oil on the Wall

                       Supernatural Oil Appearing on the Walls of the Church

Many people have asked about “The Oil” that started to appear on the walls  around the church.   In 2001, our church, Worship Tabernacle, The Healing Place, received a prophesy from Connie Wilson in Israel.

Connie call us with a prophesy.  She prophesied that when the church became full of  oil, it would rise to the ceiling.  Once the oil reached the ceiling, a spark would ignite the oil and revival would breakout at Worship Tabernacle.  This year, in 2016, the oil rose to the ceiling. We have been experiencing an increase in prayer and miracles.  When people come to the church, some experience a touch from God when they touch the walls where the oil is visible. (Listen to the recorded prophesy above).