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It was a typical weekday afternoon. I was only about ten minutes away from home when I notice something.

The traffic going in the opposite direction began to back up. That was very unusual for that time of day and totally unexpected.

Well, I thought, there must be an accident ahead somewhere. When I turned on the radio, the announcer mentioned a chemical leak had shut down all four lanes of the road in the direction I was headed.

I knew another way to get to my house so, I turned around. The new way was only 25 minutes. A little longer drive but it was better than waiting hours to get there.

As I headed in the other direction, the announcer then said that there were two major accidents in the direction I was now headed.

What now, I thought?

Then, I saw a street I have never driven on before. I wondered if it was a short-cut. I made a decision to see if it was. I was confident that I had found a new road home.

As I made the turn, I noticed that the car behind me had turned on the street too!

Unfortunately, it led to the entrance of a building parking lot. I had no choice but to turn around again.

As the other driver pulled up beside me, he rolled down his window. He smiled and said out loud, “I thought you knew where you were going!”

I rolled down my window too and responded, “I thought I did too.”

After that, I decided to take another route I knew. This time, I noticed that he did not follow me. He decided to turn in the other direction and wait it out.

That is how it is in life.

People around may support you until you come to what seems like a dead end. They may even try to discourage you with words to give up. Do not just drive in the parking lot of despair and stay there.

No, turn around and keep driving. Keep dreaming and keep believing. No matter the difficulties you have to endure. No matter if people support you or not. One day, you will get there if you do stop and do not give up on what God has placed within you.

Hebrews 6:12 says, “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

When I made it home, it was all over the news that the other roads were still shut down. I wondered if that other driver was still out there somewhere thinking, “Maybe I should have followed that lady, I might be home by now.”

  •  By Deborah Elum