Posted by Worship Tabernacle

I placed the hot wings in the oven, set the temperature, and the timer. I followed the instruction on the packet and went back into my meeting at the church.

I was still in a meeting when I heard the timer go off. So, I instructed someone to set up the food for a dinner we were having after the meeting. Naturally, when the meeting was finished, everyone was ready to eat. So we all headed for the room where the food was.

Everything looked really good. The baked chicken, the hot wings, the baked beans, the fruit and vegetable trays, the potoato salad, and even the watermelon.

Everyone had fixed their plates and were enjoying themselves when one of the meeting attendees said, “These hot wings are not done.”

“Not done!” was my quick response. I immediately rose and walked over to the table where she was seated. Sure enough, the hot wings were only partially cooked. I ended up throwing the whole pan of hot wings away.

In the book of Revelation, we are given a very detailed account of the events of the last day. Revelations 16:17, tells us there will be a final battle. This final battle named “Armageddon” describes how good triumphs over evil once and for all. During the battle, Babylon and all sinful people who unite to fight against God will be destroyed. Babylon is done! It is finished and never to rise to power again.

The definition of done means, well cooked, cooked through and through, arrived at or brought to an end; Finished, completed, concluded, complete, down, endedover, over with, or terminated.

In our lives, there will be many tests and trials that we may endure for a season. There is hope however, because God Himself will put a final end and finish to all the trouble that the devil started. As a Believer in Christ, that is one thing we can count on. It will be “DONE!”


Yes, the next time I prepared hot wings for our meeting, I put them on, I watched them, and I made sure that they were done. Just a side note, there were not one left.

Deborah Elum